William Russell




Herb Garden


5 Five years ago with the help of residents of Crescent Road. I turned an overgrowing patch of nettles and brambles into an urban herb garden. Recently I joined a group of young volunteers to reinstate the herb garden. As over time it had become a little overgrown itself. I was impressed by Essex Volunteers, a group of young people from around the County whom had a great work ethic. They divided themselves into two groups and whilst one were tending to the herb garden, the other group armed themselves with litter pickers and cleared the pavements around Brentwood Station. 



Freedom Parks


At Full Council in 2015, I moved the motion that would see six of our local play areas designated as Freedom Parks.

I wanted to do something special to commemorate the centenary of the beginning of WW1 and to honour our local heroes who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Each Freedom Park bears the name of a battle honour of the Essex Regiment. The Play area off of Cromwel Road and St Peters Road recognises their gallantry at the Battle of the Somme.


Cricket Pavilion Repurposed


Whilst I was Chair of the Community and Health Committee, I was approached by representatives of Mavericks Rugby Club, They were a roving club that needed a home if they were to expand and get vital funding from the RFU.

Meanwhile, the Council had a derelict cricket pavilion that was a target for anti social behaviour and an eyesore.

I invited the Mavericks to meet Council Officers and myself at the Warley Playing Fields. There we discussed the possibility of repurposing the pavilion as a club house.

The initial response was not that favourable, However, after further discussions we were able to bring this as an item on the Community and Health Committee agenda, where it was passed unanimously.  



Past Mayor and Former Member of Brentwood Borough Council


 Attendance and a long history of   action!


working with younger  members  of  the  community

Initiatives,  Motions  and  Action!

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litter  picking  in  honeypot  lane


As a regular user of Honeypot Lane. I am aware of the problems of speeding motorists, congestion and litter!


​Whilst it is more of a challenge for me to personally address the first two issues, litter picking and reporting fly-tipping is something I can tackle hands-on and something I have been doing for the best part of a decade. On 22nd July, with the help of my 9yr old daughter, I litter picked Honeypot Lane collecting six bags of litter. I also discovered two areas that had been fly-tipped, deep in the hedgerow. Almost impossible to see from the road, this may never have been reported if I was not in the area on foot.



honeypot  lane  ldp update


Making good on my 2011 promise! The time has finally come to extract Honeypot Lane from the Local Development Plan.


Over the past several years, I have been raising the issues and concerns you have had with the proposals of including Honeypot Lane as a preferred site. I have had numerous meetings with Council Officers and my colleagues to deliver my promise I made to you when I was first elected in 2001.

That being, there would be no development on the allotments or land at Honeypot Lane whilst I was able to influence the decision.


It has been extremely frustrating to resist being drawn into debate about site allocation during many Full Council meetings. As although I wanted to express those concerns publicly, for reasons of due process and to make sure we had a robust plan that would stand up to the scrutiny of the Inspectorate, it was important to follow the plan and build a case on evidence.


I am extremely happy to now announce that I have submitted an amendment to the recommendations of Regulation 19 of the LDP. Assuming my Ward Colleagues support my efforts, Honeypot lane will be removed from the Local Development Plan. 

To narrow for traffic in Weald Road

this weeks issue


I was contacted by a resident recently, who was shocked that the Liberal Democrats had once again claimed the work I had done as their own. After waiting so long for a grit bin to be replaced in Crescent Road, I decided to purchase and install one myself. Some weeks after  I had I was informed that the Liberal Democrats had claimed kudos for the installation in their FOCUS leaflet saying their candidate in the coming elections had "achieved the impossible" by having the old grit bin replaced, as other Liberal Democrats had tried and failed to have it replaced for years. I explained to the resident, that I had got used to others claiming credit for my achievement's over the years and that their leaflet is exactly what I would expect from a fiction writer. In addition, experience has taught me not to get to precious about these things. However, I thought it wise to inform the Liberal Democrats of their misleading literature and was promptly asked to prove I had purchased and installed it. I was happy to oblige with photos of  both the installation and invoice. Pictured: Right and bottom of page. 

the battle is won!


My amendment to take Honeypot Lane out of the LDP has been accepted by Full Council.


It has been a long battle, but with the support of residents of Honeypot Lane and the Homesteads Estate, we finally removed Honeypot Lane from the Local Development Plan. I would like to say that it has been both an honour and a pleasure to serve the residents of Brentwood West over the last 8 years and I would like to thank you all for your continued support, motivation and trust that you have in me. The battle may be won, but now we must prepare for the war against any future inappropriate development in Honeypot Lane.  

Alex Burghart MP

for Brentwood & Ongar


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